dinsdag 27 maart 2018

T'au SEED Destiny: RB-79 Ball Drones

If there is one thing T'au armies have a plenty, it`s the lowely drone.

These small support units fill in a variety of roles on the battlefield, wether it be marking targets or shielding the battlesuits.

So that also means, my Gundam coloured army will have a lot of these little machines zooming around, because I plan on taking each and every one I can that the army list allows, if only to make up the numbers of units in the force.  But I won`t be painting them in the colours of the suit they accompany, because they might end up scattered amongst other units depending the opponent I`d be playing, or the type I`d need for said battle.

The Inspiration:

Enter the venerable RB-79 Ball, a mobile suit introduced in the very first ever episode of Gundam back in 1977.  These little suits are all purpose equipment, making repairs, doing general hull inspections, and in time of need can be fitted with a weapon to reinforce the main forces.

Cheap and mass produced, they represent excellently what the drones are in the T'au army, and as such I`ve copied their colours on the drones above.  A green lens in a red casing, a light grey main body and darker greys for the interior and equipment.

Together with the Buster I painted up earlier this week, this now forms the complete first unit of my 1000 points initially planned list...

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