woensdag 14 maart 2018

Back to Eorzea

Paint decompressions... that's how I should call it.

After painting, basing and varnishing almost 300 figures for the AHPC8, I'm taking a step back for now.

Not that I quit painting, but I just am turning down the speed, and work through the figures at a far lesser deadlined rate then the past three months. To that end, I'm also filling the "geek-time" with returning to my favorite MMO, Final Fantasy XIV.

Just like Noshi, who came out of her winter break for the game this month.  So that lines up nicely, and we can go on dastardly duo-ing the instances.  Or better, she rules them and I'm her wind-up minion being dragged along, as I'm way behind her, just rounding out the main storyline quests.  Now the whole gear grind and instance unlocking is upon me...

I finally joined her guild as well, in an effort to on the one hand get some old raid contents sorted out, but more importantly to not be solo grinding and queue waiting the whole time.

Now for the next weeks, my goals are on the one hand to level up my gear with my 'main' class of Red Mage(power to pouf and panache!) and on the other hand boost up the crafter alt in tailoring and botany to unlock at first the desyntesis parts. Because that way I can trash all the loot from the lower level instances, as well as push on in the end game content and "sponsor" the bloody expensive Materia VI's...

And try not to get to distracted by hunting down minions xD...

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