maandag 12 maart 2018

The Haul Report 124

A day later as I was enjoying the good life with Noshi this weekend (trip report to follow), but here we are with the newest additions of the collection.

The first thing I snatched up the past week was the monthly White Dwarf issue.

I also put on my best puppy eyes for the store manager to hear if he still had those free novels for the 25 years of Black Library you could get for free the weekend before.  Now, I couldn't get there then, but luckily he had a few copies left and I received one for more reading goodness.

I also picked up the first of the new army models, in the form of a Broadside Battlesuit for my budding Tau (or as they are called now, T'au) Empire force, which will be a battlesuit only force.  i don't care about how effective that might be, I just love (and always loved) the models.

People who know me well will get it why.  I like two things in life: bubs and mecha anime, so a force of Slaanesh and a force of T'au are logical extensions no?

The final addition to the collections was a gift from a fellow TSA member, as he had an extra Ambiorix, our very first Crisis show entry model, left over.  This means I now have each and every figure again in the collection, and can paint them all up to create the figures overview page I plan on doing.

That's it for this week again, until next week for more goodie galore!

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