vrijdag 23 maart 2018

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 8 result

And there we have it, my AHPC virginity has been taken.

In this 8th year of the challenge, I finally contended, and did far more then I expected.

At first, I did the maths on what might be just above my comfort level, and settled around 750 points.  Back in those dark december days, that seemed like a lot of 28mm figures to paint, but I must say I went far smoother then expected, ending at 1583 points, over double of the projected amount.

Now granted, this was in a large part due to being more at home then I liked to during january, and I could as such already reach my objective by the end of the first month.  Trying to stay consistent afterwards and finish entries of around 100 points since then on a weekly basis did help securing my rather excellent total tally, and resulting in a finishing spot of 12 instead of the hopeful "just in the first half" when I set out on this adventure.  Perhaps the only thing I feel sorry for this challenge is that I couldn't be as "social" as I liked to be, as my erratic schedule caused me to comment very irregularly.

The challenge is a great way to reduce lead (well, these days it seems to be plastic mostly though) mountain.  I started some odd and end projects I don't even know if I'll ever finish or even continue (10mm ECW, 28mm Shang chinese for example) as I came along these models while looking for entries.  On the other hand, some of my armies got huge expansions, first and foremost my 40k Emperor's Children force which grew by a quarter during this challenge, but also the Dux / SAGA Irish forces as I steadily painted up the remaining plastic figures that where still on the to do pile.

Of course, by not a long shot did I manage to actually finish everything I wanted.  I haven't even gotten around to starting two projects I wanted to do during the challenge, in the form of my Blood Bowl team or my Tombstone western band of 7th Cavalry.  So those will be projects to be worked on in the coming months instead.

I want to thank Curt and his team, and especially Ray who had to stuck up with me on a weekly basis, for running this great event, and I duly hope I can get in again next year... but then hopefully come prepared with already a heap of assembled and primed figures xD.

Those Imperial Romans I won at the charity raffle this year for example will be put to the side just for that...

Now, as requested, participants should make a picture with all the models that they painted for the challenge, but I'm going the video route for this one.  Way easier then having to try and crop everything in one picture, and add my ugly mug to it as well...

So all that is left now for me to do is split this heap of figures onto the right shelves of the armies, decide on the odd models wether to keep or sell them, and... get back to painting!

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