donderdag 22 maart 2018

AHPC8: The end of the road groupshot

It is an time-honoured tradition... at the end of the Challenge, participants are asked to post a picture of themselves together with the figures they painted.

Okay... technical problem... I don`t have that large a table at the place where my figures are stored...

So I went to that other medium instead that I have at my disposal: the trusty videocamera and made a short movie, making sure my ugly mug is on it to get you through the summer months.

It was great venture to participate in, and while it did reduce lead mountain significantly (I guess I did around 300 figures, haven`t counted them exactly I`m afraid)... it also had an "unfortunate" side effect.  You see, as I rummaged thorugh my boxes to add variety to what was planned to be all pink and plastic dark ages as entries, I stumbled across figures long forgotten, like the Shang Chinese.  So of course I`ll need to build an army of them now, what else is a wargamer to do!

Oh well, at least that will give me plenty of figures to enter in the NEXT year (is it december already?) challenge, and some very "guided" shopping at out Crisis wargame show come november.  And that Mongol army still is eyeing me, begging for paint... they might have to wait just that bit longer then...

Well, that`s it for me then this year, this was great fun, and all I have to do now is split that 1.5 shelf of all sorts of figures through each other to their respective armies, orden the cabinets as such, and update the "The Armies" page on my blogsite to round it all out.

Until next year!

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