vrijdag 16 maart 2018

On the Painting Desk 38

So it`s done... everything that I wanted to enter in the AHPC is now off the painting desk... and it`s time for some cooldown (see this post from earlier this week).

And I might not have done as much as I liked in this final week, nevertheless some decent entries have been put together.

So where will I be going now?  Well, the first thing I`m going to do is round out everything that is still on the desk in the video, but in a waaaaaay more slow rate then the past three months.  Three months yielding about 300 figures hacks in on your paint drive, deadlines and such.

But now I can go about painting nice and slowly for a month or so, before firing up the engines again and actually getting things done like the Slaanesh army, the Tau project, the final Dark Age figures (yeah... final... until we order some more xD), the blood bowl team and more of the projects you see in the bar on the left of this blogpage.

It`s been great fun to participate, and I`ll be back next year for sure... but now, I`m sitting back and threat myself to the Made In Asia event this weekend first to emerge in something completely different.


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