vrijdag 9 maart 2018

Black Mirror season 2

After the enjoyment of the first season, Noshi and me sat down and went through the second one in the space of 1.5 night.

Yeah, needless to say we kinda like the series...

The second season has 4 episodes, one more then the first, and all are again entirely different... or are they, bear with me as I noticed something.


In the four episodes, different stories set in a near future are being told.

In the first, we meet a man addicted to social media.  When he perishes in a car accident, he is recreated at first as a messenger system, then a phone voice, and finally as an android based on the stuff he uploaded all the time on these modern communications channels.

The second episode sees us through a very, very cruel form of justice, as someone is forced to live through a shocking experience day after day for weeks at end...

The third (and for me weakest episode of the series) details the power an animated figure can have in our society of dont give a f***s as it even nearly manages to win an election... only to go on to even bigger things.

The fourth episode sees two men talking at a table, about the horrors from their past and how they ended up in this godforsaken place.

What I liked about it

At first, I was going to say, the fact it are all seperate stories.  And they are, but then I noticed two things in the final episode.  It uses Z-Eyes, a call back to the third episode of the first season, and the female central character in the 4th episode sings the same song as the young singer in the first seasons second episode, before she was forced into porn instead.  So it seems there ARE connections in the stories, or are it just easter eggs?  I`m going to look hawk-eyed to the third season for sure to figure it out...

What I didn`t like about it

In general, the episodes are not as strong as the first.  Episode one and four are gems that cause you to think, episode two was a bit to farfetched for my taste and the third I found just plainly weak.

Never the less, another enjoyable spending of time in this season, and I`m looking forwards to when we sit down and bench season 3...

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