woensdag 14 maart 2018

Guilty Crown

The latest anime series I watched together with Noshi, Guilty Crown is a 22 episode long anime in the likes off... yeah... what actually.

It combines the genres of mecha, high school harem and hardcore sci-fi together, making it a rather unique viewing experience.  And not a bad one to boot.


Shu is a young boy who accidentally gets involved in the activities of Funeral Parlour, a terrorist organisation opposing the facistical Anti-Bodies.  This force was raised after the events that became known as Lost Christmas, in which a large portion of Nippon was wiped out to a mysterious disease.  When he is in the middle of an attack by the Anti-Bodies, he tries to save a girl named Inori, but ends up the recipient of a strange genome intended for Funeral Parlor's leader, Gai.
This genome grants him the power of the kings, which allows him to pull out objects named Voids from people's hearts, as a manifestation of their personality.  Unwillingly as such, he becomes the ace up the sleeve of Funeral Parlour.

However, when a rescue operation goes sour and Gai is lost, he is forced inside his highschool with his classmates, and some members of Funeral Parlour.  Day by day, the wall encircling the school district is brought closer and citizens ruthlessly massacred, causing Shu to take some hard decisions and becoming that what he always fought to prevent...

What I liked about it

* The first 12 episode arc.  This anime / underdog part of the story made for a nice thriller / mecha melange.
* Ayase, the disabled mech pilot of Funeral Parlour, who despite her handicap takes a serious role in the series, especially in the second arc of the series.

What I didn't like about it

* The rather forced ending of the Gai arc and the reasons behind what he chose to do.  Perhaps one more episode to string this out a little would have been better instead of the so-so all has to be done in 5 minutes last one.

A fine series, of which we have to watch the movie that came a while later still, with some strange twists in it.

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