vrijdag 2 maart 2018

What I Painted in February 2018

A few days later as that way I could include my ahpc round of the 28th, which where painted in february but Curt asks a "grace" period for the contest site to have the models on it alone for at least 24 hours.

But the AHPC has been dominating my paint schedule over the past month again, in that understanding it bumps my paint speed up compared to the regular slacking.

Now, as we enter the final month of that challenge, and the goals are achieved, I'll probably be dropping in paint turn over again, as I will be starting work on some cosplay gear as well as immerge myself again into Final Fantasy XIV with Noshi anyways, and less free time will be alotted to painting apart from mostly a heap of Emperor's Children.

But enough ramblings, let's look back at what figures joined my collection of painted pieces of metal, plastic and resin...

Age of Sigmar
The biggest lot I painted this month, is rounding out the full Kickstarter of Alpine Gnomes, whom I planned on using in Age of Sigmar.  But more on that game in a post later this week...

American Civil War
I also did some serious expanding on my Irish brigade.  Not only did I finish a fresh regiment, I also did some commanders and an additional command group for the army...

Dark Ages
The Dux / SAGA forces got a big expansion this month, in the form of some additional regiments of Gripping Beast dark age warriors, without shields to represent Kern and with representing bonnachts.  And I rounded out the last Late Romans I had lying around from the GB box to boost some serious archer numbers.

Crisis entry figures
This month I started painting up each and every Crisis limited edition entry model, and whom will get a nice spot both here and on the TSA websites.  Check out The Vault tab above to see who we ever released, and painted examples of the completed ones.

Emperor's Children
Of course, my pink phalanx received some reinforcements as well this month.  An objective marker, more Rapier gun systems and the first mutant rabble (for the heretic guard contignent) have been done.

As well as all abovie, I also painted some small things for other things... which not necessarily are anywhere near on the antenna to actually game with.  This exists of both a Pirate Lady from Black Scorpion, as well as a base of 4 Shang dynasty spearmen

And that's it for the short month of february, no less then 138 models have been removed from the to paint list as such... long live paint challenges!

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