donderdag 22 maart 2018

Epic 40k Slaanesh Questor and Hellknight Knights

So there we have it, the first miniatures finished after the AHPC8...

While intended to be included still, I didn`t get round to base it before the deadline of my last upload passed by... though as such with the 24 hr grace period, the post follows closely on the previous one.

Questor Knights are odd looking walkers, resembling in a way a Warhound Titan but being a lot smaller.  And we won`t be going in the placement of the lower gun now will we...

I also finished two more Hellknights.  While I managed to get a single one in on my entry, the other two are just finished and as such are placed here instead of, of course, on the AHPC post.  Armed with a big headmounted gun, Hellknights are swift walkers of war that literally hunt their enemies down with their lance like weapon.

While in height the same as the Questor, the latter is far more robust and bulkier, and will serve as a heavier class in my Future War Commander force as such.

Well, that`s it for now, some more nice and shiney 6mm walkers to add to my FWC marine corps list.

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