donderdag 8 maart 2018

Dulle Griet marches onwards!

The next model I completed from the line of Crisis entry figures to kick off this weeks entry of mix and match figures, we have De Dulle Griet.

She was the first "non real" person that was released for the range, as she is based on the figure from the painting by Pieter Breughel de Oude from 1561.

The figure is a woman whom behaves as a man, focussed on greed.  She marches to war against the setting of hell where all the sins run rampant.

The model was the 5th entry figure made for our wargame show, and was the 2009 entry figure as such, once again sculpted by Paul Hicks, who would do all our models except the very first two... which you`ll find on my blog at later dates as I get around to paint them :-).

But of course, I did some more models this week from a variety of ranges and sources.  Now to be honest, for me my challenge is slowly dwindling down, as I long reached my objective, and in large thanks to the bonus round points probably even end up doubling it.  So that means the past week I`ve been working with foams and hot glue guns to work on some cosplay gear instead...

Never the less, most of the things I painted this week have been for completing units, like some more Mutant Rabble with their squad leader, to serve in my Heretical Guard force.  Together with those 4 from the previous round, this makes the first 10 man squad of the little side project, which only goal is actually to put a bright pink Leman Russ tank on the table and enjoy the hibbiejibbies out of opposing Astra Militarum opponents.  The models are simple weapon swap conversions of poxwalkers, with bolt pistols added (though they count as autopistols ingame).

I also began the process of 'filling out' some of my squads to their 10 man number, an amount I find the most flexible (for Marines forces) on the table, so some odd and end blokes join my collection this week.

Next up in this pink assault are two more Noise Marines, allowing me to field the 3 guys I already did for the bonus round music now on the table as a true, albeit minimal, 5 man squad, ready to be expanded on over time.

Talking about expanding bonus rounds, I did the remaining 5 daemonettes of Slaanesh from the Monstrous round as well this week, as I didn't get them finished in time for the actual bonus round.

So that means for this weeks total, I have:

Dulle Griet 1x 28mm = 5 points
Heretic Marines 3 x 28mm = 15 points
Noise Marines 2 x 28mm = 10 points
Rabble 6 x 28mm = 30 points
Daemonettes 5 x 28mm = 25 points

For a modest total this time round for 85 points

Yups, that's a lot of pink again for this week, now as we are going for the push for the final "regular" week entry next wednesday (how does time fly when you're having fun!) I'm going to try and reach that final stint to the 1500 points total... time to fire up those brushes!

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