zaterdag 3 maart 2018

The first failed goal

Yes, it's early in the year as march has just began, yet the first red mark on the sidebar has happened.

The Empire army, or Age of Sigmar in general, has gotten the boot.

I talked about it before, I kept pondering about it, and kept watching when (barely) it was played over at the TSA clubhouse... the game is just not my thing.

I don't say the rules are bad per se, they just aren't my cup of coffee (sorry, not a tea lover) and I took the decision to stop working on the army and see if I can exchange them for some 40k figures of my liking instead.
It's just the whole army is in skirmish formation that doesn't do it for me.  That was for Wood Elves, not for an entire game system, in the world of Warhammer.  Even at a measly 1000 points, an Empire army numbers over 100 models, and see them all clutterred around instead of in nice blocks isn't visually appealing.
Sure, you can actually deploy them as such, but the game lacks the slow manouevring to try and turn flanks and the likes, something I enjoyed a lot in old style Warhammer as that added a lot of "tactical genius" to the game, instead of this clusterf*ck of miniature persons running left and right and shooting everywhere... even when engaged in melee.  Something not even the technologically advanced, loaded out with targetting sensors galore, Tau of 40k can do...

Okay, so the rules might be bad indeed then if you see it like that...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Forgoing AoS isn't a fail.
    I tend to think of it in these terms,
    "AoS, for when you don't spend enough time looking at your phone".
    When I've seen it played, that is the dominate activity. Looking at the app to read the special rules every unit has.

  2. It isn't the forgoing I see as a failure, but the goal I had set myself of painting up my force to 4k in itself. But better come to the I don't like it at all conclusion now, then invest in models to round out the force and see them gathering dust :)