woensdag 21 maart 2018


Monday night movie couch time for Noshi and me put us down to watch the latest from the Disney / Pixar stable, Coco.

Set in Mexico during the dias de la muerto, this is a film about a boy wanting to become a mariachi, or musician, like his great-great grandfather, legendary musician Ernesto de la Cruz.


Miguel's family has banished all things musical ever since his great-great grandfather ran out on them.  When he accidentally drops his picture, he sees an image of Ernesto's guitar and learns this is his ancestor.
During the night of the dead, where families honour their passed on beoved, Miguel tries to borrow / steal the guitar to participate in the talent show at the plaza, but instead is transported to the land of the dead.
Here he meets Hector, desperate to get his picture up in the land of the living to be remembered, otherwise he will be forgotten and fade away in the Final Death.  But in the meantime, his deceased relatives try and bring Miguel back home to where he belong by giving him their blessings on the condition he never plays music again.
He goes looking for Ernesto to receive his blessing instead, but along the road he learns that this isn't the person he thought it was...

What I liked about it

* The fact it's a movie about family makes it all that bit more personal then your average 'save the world' movie storyline
* The gorgeously animated and colourfull land of the dead
* Dante the Dog

What I didn't like about it

* Nothing much really, this was a solid movie, though for me Moana remains the best Disney flick I saw in recent years.

Noshi especially liked the movie and the heavy emotional moment at the end, even though she might be a bit biased as a rather, let's put this modestly, connaisseur of the Disney flavour...

Recommended watching for a lovely evening of colour and fun mexican music!

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