dinsdag 27 maart 2018


Already the 25th movie I watched this year, and it's only march... that went way faster then I expected.

Seems movie nights with Noshi work miracles on those sidebar counters...


Ferdinand is a bull in Spain, raised in a training house for bullfighting beasts.  But there is one difference... he (voiced by wrestler John Cena btw) is a pacifist who likes to smell flowers and watch sunsets.

One day he escapes and is found by a young girl and her dad, who lovingly raise him to become a truly gigantic beast.  When he is stung by a bee at a flower festival and goes on an accidental rampage, he is returned to the former training house.  While he is still unwilling to fight, he gets selected however to fight in the last duel of legendary matador El Primero.
He plans a daring escape together with the other bulls and the motivational goat, to prevent the beasts to end up as meat in the chophouse or as wall decorations from the arena...

What I liked about it

* This movie was great fun, sporting a heap of laughs (bunny reanimation!) over it's course.

What I didn't like about it

* Nothing really, it's one of those funny animation movies that just work in style and story together with the sometimes slapstick humour.

Noshi's opinion: this movie is a perfect balance between laughter on the one side, and saddening moments on the other side, making it a great one to watch.

A recommended movie for the relaxing evening watch with the partner / family!

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