zaterdag 10 maart 2018

Oceans of Venus - Isaac Asimov

Reading a novel by the "grandmaster of sci-fi" Isaac Asimov, it's something different these days.

Especially since it was first published in 1954.

Though there is a 1970s editorial at the front, explaining the differences and discoveries about Venus in the 60s and 70s compared to what they thought it was like in the 50s, it still is a fun way to see how our planets in the system where viewed back then.


The third adventure in the odyssey of David Starr, Space Ranger.  On Venus, an underwater colony of earthmen is threatened with disaster, locked in a battle for survival beneath the waves.  David Starr has come to face the evil menace of the depths, together with his martian ally Bigman.  When his friend Lou Evans is charged with treason, it suddenly all becomes very, very personal...

What I liked about it

There is something charming about this old style sci-fi.  The way it is described, and the common day stories of victorian sci-fi in the back of the head, allows you to form a quite awesome image of how the world would look by then...

What I didn`t like

Well, it was a great read, but at 130ish pages, a bit on the short side unfortunatly.  I`ll probably look around on flea markets for more of this series though...

Great but short read, these Asimov novels are just as much fun as I remember reading the occasional one I found at my aunt's when I was a wee lad of about 12.  Nostalgia... in a good way!

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