zaterdag 24 maart 2018

T'au SEED Destiny: GAT-X103 Buster Broadside suit

So here it is, the very first T'au Battlesuit for my newest project, a totally Gundam SEED Destiny inspired battlesuit only army.

That means every suit will have it's own unique colourscheme, based on the SEED Destiny anime mobile suits... just because I still think it's the best Gundam series out there.

When I saw these new Broadside sculpts with the large underslung Railcanons, it just screamed Buster to me, Dearka Elsman's suit that debuted as far back as the original SEED anime.  And so I went for that bone and olive colourscheme of the suit to be transisted onto the model...

The Inspiration:

With it`s two rifles become one big boomstick, the Buster usually fires this big gun in the same postioning as the Broadside model.  Added missile pods on it`s shoulders make it the ideal choice for the twin-linked smart missile system to boot.
The first of many more suits to come as such, I don't mind the effectiveness of the only suits lists in 40k, I haven't even read the codex yet.  That is a purchase for when my first ideas of suits are all assembled and painted, and then I'll learn to master them into a more or less effective fighting force of hit and run tactics.  Or better said, nuke and tactical withdraw.

So that`s the very first unit for the army done now, time to paint up his accompanying drone support...

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