vrijdag 23 maart 2018

More Irish Bonnachts

Nothing fancy painting wise this post though...

As a result of the challenge, I had painted up quite a few of those plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors.

These serve on the one hand to boost my SAGA force (far beyond the average points for a game at the moment), and on the other hand to have as much options and eventuality coverage for the TSA Dux campaign.

But as a result, I had two "half units" of 4 warriors each, of the spear and of the handweapon variant, left over after AHPC, as I didn't get them based up for the entry in time.  As such, I now finally gotten round to completing them and giving them a coat of matt varnish, ready for the battlefield.

Now onwards to clean up my paint desk more with the next unit of I don't know what yet xD

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