zaterdag 31 maart 2018

Against all Odds! Duo battle 40k Batrep

There we have it, my entry into a series of special "prequel scenarios" that will influence the big battle end of May.

While I would be paired with Nemesis and his Death Guard, he ran off for something called "family holiday in Singapore" (lame excuse) and as such I got paired with his little Nurgling Ruben and his Death Guard.

Oppossing us was a combined force of Space Wolves and Genestealer Cultists.  The objective?  We got ourselves a nice and big gate, and they had to get through it.  Now, I had only two orders: don`t kill full units before our turn 3, meaning they wouldn`t be able to come back by deep strike, and ignore the stuff that was at the back of the table, which would have to travel 3 tiles of 24 inch before reaching the gate, so heck, no way they would get there in 5, possibly 6 turns.

So the Emperor`s Children and it`s gunline took up position on the gate walls and towers, while the Death Guard being the more resilient heap camped in the central plaza of the bunker complex.

Our opponents kept a fair share of their forces of the table to strike / ambush / drop in, while the rest of their forces deployed at the end of the first tile

Ambushing forces appeared inside the compound, while Terminators teleported in on the edge of the table

Lovely, more things to fire at...

My gunline provided covering fire, even going to increase the ranks of poxwalkers due to their walking dead stratagem.

Tactical Marines crash in using a Drop Pod, putting pressure on our left gate side.

The wounded Arjan and the Terminators crash into the Blight Drone, which after several rounds of combat would result in the drone blowing up and taking the character with him, great great.

Everything is still under control as we move to the third turn in the meantime.

The Assault Marines come into range, and after a withering storm of a Quad Bolter are completely reduced, resulting in one less threat to lose the battle.  At this point, we had to worry about a cultist unit, a genestealer unit, two intercessors and a chaplain.  But the biggest thread came from the Terminators, who looked to scale of the wall and go to the gate from the backside.

So the Deathshroud marines arrived and blocked the gate, supported by Lucius.  While the Plague lord charged into them, the Nurgle Terminators failed their charge.

Enter Lucius, who was 11 inch away!  This was going to be the defining moment of the evening, as in a battle which had, let`s put it mildly, Slaanesh would be proud language, I swayed over to the other side.  I casually, loose handed tossed the first of my dice in their dicetray, and it came up as a 5.  Then I backhandedly tossed the second dice in, while turning away to not watch the roll.  The cursing that came from behind me told the rest...

As the cultists and the genestealers where shot down, Lucius took care of the Terminators.  Now the only remaining chance they had, was racing the Intercessors and the Chaplain through the gate... IF they would get a 6th turn after our turn 5.

I openend fire first on the Intercessors, and the odds and end shooting took them down.  Now it was only the Chaplain, and Lucius was ready to charge him, should he survive the Deathshroud flamers.  but a howling shriek went over the table as Lucius his Doom Siren went off, and it knocked the final wounds of the Chaplain before the Terminators could fire.

Their last chance gone, the opponents tossed the towel, and I ended up with a big red button for the big battle that will control half a dozen defence turrets, muahahaha... Donald the Eternal is in the house.

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