dinsdag 25 maart 2014

A lot of Saints announced: EX Taurus, Myth Misty Surplice and CGI Aiolos

What a great day of eye candy for the Saint Seiya collector like myself.  After the news of the new Gundam anime coming this year, Tamashii has released images of a their summer releases.

Two posts about my two favorite series today... one might almost think my Cosmo is flaring up!

The first up is the good hearted and huge Gold Saint of Taurus, Aldebaran.  Though unfortunatly for him, he is one of the few original series Gold saints outshone by the newer generation in Omega, with Harbinger, but never the less the EX series Taurus is still a great looking model.  I especially like the look of his `deceased` mode, arms spread in the Great Horn pose, as he killed his opponent even while sacrificing himself.

Secondly today, there is now a Surplice recolouring of the silver saint Lizard Misty.  I still need to get my paws on the original version, but this one is like Perseus a recoloring of a very minor character in the Hades arc.  He appeared for like half a minute when he was one of the three ressurected Silver Saints sent to Siberia to assassinate Hyoga, though in truth they where still loyal to Athena and actually went to show and warn him Hades was awakening.

The final part is the weekly revelation of the CGI movie characters, this time with Aiolos of Sagittarius.  The Gold Saint that played such a small though pivotal role in the original series also has a rendered cloth very close to the original.  He has already been shown a while ago to be released in Myth format, and I must say I really, really like him...


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