zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Saint Seiya CGI Saga revealed at Animejapan 2014

This weekend at the largest Anime convention in Japan, the lead villain of the Saint Seiya Sanctuary arc, and as such the upcoming movie, has been revealed.

Saga, misguided and split personality Gemini saint, is, let`s put it midly, `intresting` in design.  His Cloth is great looking and really resembles the anime version, but where his shifts between good and bad where achieved in the original by his hair colour changing, here they went for what looks like a hybrid armour between the Gold Cloth on the one side, and his Surplice he wore during the Hades arc on the other hand.

Now, I just don`t know what to think of it in all honesty, it might work considering it probably won`t be to long in the movie (they have to run 12 temples + defeat Saga in about 2 hours time, that`s about a fifth of the anime series), but the dual coloured black white cloak for one definitly doesn`t seem to sweet.

The convention of course supported some more eye candy, but the more I look at it, the more I find Hyoga`s Cygnus cloth ressemble the Omega version.  Which isn`t a bad thing mind you, of all the new generation cloths of the `Fab5`, it definitly is the best looking in Omega.

And some more eye candy, the true scale Sagitarrius cloth!

Finally, some more pictures, I for one can`t wait for the movie, though I admit it will be taking a bit of used to the new looks for an old schooler like me, just like Omega did (though season 2, which I`ll be reviewing in a fortnight, had a lot of old guy fanservice).

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