zondag 30 maart 2014

Bring out the Chewing Gum...

Roight, I`m going to bite this bullet.  I`m a smoker.  I`m a nervous, stressfull wreck.  I`m also a collector of fairly expensive hobbies.

And those do not combine decently on a financial level, so I`m going to bite this bullet soon, as in *when my stash runs out* which should be around the end of my exams.


Because I did these mathematics:

1 x 8 pack of these guys (and that is, at my rate, a week for such a pack)

equals either

1 of these every fortnight

or a boxed sealed set of these thingies or the likes a week.

No mom, I ain`t doing it to save up, I`m doing this to not spend the left over of the monthly finances on my hobbies.  So don`t you go dreaming all, this is MY decision, for MY health, for MY wallet and for MY hobbies and geekiness things.

Editor`s note:  I better be investing in a lot of these as well though or people might start dying...

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