zaterdag 15 maart 2014

We`re Going to Need More Saddles

I did it!  I obtained the `master goal` I still set for this expansion in it`s dwindling months, and obtained the 150 mounts achievement!

Not to shabby considering I returned to the game owning 108, and this week I so far obtained a staggering 12 mounts to top it off and go over the achievement requirement, making it so that with the reward mount, I`m now at 151.  That means 149 to go for the so far `ultimate` achievement, the Mount Parade culminating in 200 mounts obtained.

Bar the drops of very rare mounts I posted about earlier this week, a lot of the beasties came from a variety of sources.

The first ones obtained this week where the 3 tiger mounts of getting exalted with the Shado Pan, followed by becomming Exalted as well with the Klaxxi and grabbing the Scorpion mount.

Returning then to the Pan for finishing off their storyline, this yielded another Cloud Serpent mount, bit of a suprise though as I didn`t know it would yield one, but I was farming for gold as the scorpion had let me drained.

Exchanging Honor Points, I could add the Black war Wolf to the collection, and thought I would be grabbing the achievement during the next week in all probability, as I was at 147 at that moment.

But no, I had a fantastic morning today.  One of my card game pets, the Landro Little XT sold and with part of that money I grabbed the big Mammoth yesterday evening (which reminds me to scratch, exchange and add the following one to the Auction House this weekend), and I remained in Dalaran to do another run of Violet Hold.

Finally Ichoron was set free, and using the defense crystal tactics, I unlocked Dehydration and as such the Glory of the Hero meta achievement from Wrath of the Lich King, netting me a Red Proto-Drake and putting the tally on 149.

So where to get that last mount, as I wouldn`t be able to scrounge the needed reputation for the remaining factions?

Then my eye fell on the fact I had 1000+ Honor Points, and 2006 unused Justice Points whom recently I have been spending on buying the `upgrade battle pets from Common to Uncommon quality`.  I travelled to Ogrimmar and exchanged the 2/1 rate, to get enough Honor and get the Black War Raptor, the last of the normal PvP mounts I lacked.

This beastie nailed it, 150 mounts, and now this very pretty looking Jade Pandaren Kite mount has been obtained!

Now the hard realisation of grabbing 49 more mounts, I doubt I can do this before Warlords is released, and I will have to get the Paladin levelled up after all to get more access to Champion Seal`s, as the faction change meant I could only obtain 5 per day instead of 14... and if my boost comes from pre-ordering Warlords, I might select either of my lower level 2 healer classes and throw that one in the quest lines as well and hopefully grind away for all the remaining mounts and pets on both Tol Barad and the Argent Tournament...

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