vrijdag 21 maart 2014

The Antwerp Convention myth cloth targets

It`s a `fat month` now towards the annual local anime and fantasy faire, the Antwerp Convention, and while the munchkin is getting all hyped up to grab some Wizardly wands from Harry Potter, I`ve been compiling mentally and now in pictures the targets for the Faire.

That would be, if I can make some budget available, because due to a yurgh reason, april is going to be a very expensive month.  I`ve been making an estimate of the bills to come and the projected income, and let`s say that for now I`m keeping 20 euros left over before the normal day to day costs, while still awaiting things like the Community tax to drop in the mailbox.

Fact of the matter will be that it`ll probably just be a look around edition for me this year, but if not, I have compiled 5 of the myth cloths that are now on top of my `to add to the collection` list in costing sequence, so if I can score even a single one, I`m going to be very happy.  Of course, those values are just based on the averages when surfing around, they tend to be slightly above it on conventions as postage is included for those local traders, as well as VAT and the likes.

1. Pegasus Kouga - 50 euros

The lead player of the by then finished Omega series (only 2 episodes left to go before we`re falling back in a non-weekly anime orgasm mode), so it is not more then normal to get him in the cabinets.

2. God Cloth Cygnus Hyoga - 75 euros

The least popular seller of the God Cloths, but my favorite Saint, Hyoga`s `ultimate` cloth version is still a hyatus in my collection.

3. EX Cancer Deathmask - 75 euros

The deluxe re-do of the classic cloth version, and `my` Gold Saint sign.

4. Scylla Io - 150 euros

The one Marina general lacking in my collection but unfortunalty also the rarest of them all, not to mention the most expensive.

5. Bud of Alcor - 200 euros

The missing God Warrior together with Polaris Hilda, he is about the most expensive myth cloth out there together with the classic Pegasus Seiya.

Which one, if any will I get?  Let alone which ones would be available at the faire (I do estimate the first three pretty possible, so I`ll be budget aiming at those), I cannot tell, but I will at least be providing a big picture report by then...

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