zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Claiming my Valentine

Last month it was Valentine`s day, and two days before me and the GF had a jubilee for our relationship, so gifts, dinners and wild adventures galore in `our Casa` hehehe.

Okay, so it wasn`t perhaps that cruel as the cartoon above, but we did exchange some small attentions in between all the cuddles and hugsies (ooooh, meeellloooowwww) and one of those that i received was a 30 euro gift voucher for the local toystore, `t Bazarke, which is like one of those still independant toy stores that keep their head above the water in the battle between the retail chain stores.

I love shopping there myself, as they have some older gems as well, like the Lego Kingdoms medieval village, and I was very tempted to grab that one.  However, with big expenses on the horizon (fatherly birthdays, the new Saint Seiya tattoo, the anniversary of our relationship, and the most expensive part, the yearly lengthening of my public transportation pass), I have, for perhaps one of the first times in my life, actually resisted the temptation.

I bought these two beauties instead: plain bricks, 325 per box, and including a lot of green bricks in bith the lighter and darker variant.

Definitly those will be put to good use in my upcomming MOCs, as one can never have enough basic bricks!

And this set?  It will have to wait until I get off from school, get a fresh job and can free up the 75 euros budget.

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