donderdag 20 maart 2014

Saint Seiya CGI movie Scorpio Milo revealed

Wait, what is this?  So far I could live with the looks of the new style of the classic Gold Saints.  They have gotten an overhaul for sure (the initial designs are almost 30 years old) and could be identified with whom they represented, but this guy...

That is to say that he is even a guy, because when the casting was revealed for the Voice Actors, the scorpio saint had a female VA listed.  It is still possible it was a lost in translation error though and that she is to provide the voice of last weeks revelation, Aphrodite, but this...

He looks like an armoured version of Scorpion!  

But then the Scorpion from Mortal Kombat instead of saint seiya, as the gold saint in question was actually one of the less bulky saints with a flowing stinger trailing behind him on the headpiece.

Another `worrying` detail is that he seems to have big holes on his greaves, maybe indicating an `exit point` to shoot the Scarlet Needle through.  Or are they going completely Mortal Kombat-esque and give him extracting portrusions, Barraka style?

Of all the designs revealed so far, this one is by far my least favorite...

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