donderdag 27 maart 2014

When you Guild starts stalling

It`s a phenoma common to most middle class and lower class guilds in World of Warcraft.  They start of with an enthousiastic project, have a recruitment drive and a legion of alts, and then start stalling as the goals cannot be reached *just* as fast as planned.

People have mains transferred to other guilds leaving the alts behind, or as is seemingly the case at the moment within Viridis Gathering, wander off to other games until the next expansion is hitting the shelves.  I saw it happen before in smaller guilds and usually it are the bigger ones (like my former Alliance guild Rhyme and Punishment) that `survive` and carry on during those grey days between expansions.

Lately the guild has been calm indeed.  The `management` pops by now and then but usually there are only 3-4 people online in the heights of the game, often I have the kingdom all to myself.  In the old days, this might pose a problem, but these days with the cross server raids, connections and all the likes, it is barely an issue.

I`ve become the top contributor all time even at the moment due to my daily reputation and mount hunts, and seemingly together with a Death Knight called Vordred are amongst the only ones having interaction within the ranks at the moment as we both share the love for trying to complete older achievements.  And he is out hunting two pets for me as well, the Abyssal one dropping from the Karazhan end boss and the Tideskipper from Serpentshrine ;-).  In other words, a fellow Lore and Content hunter...

 For the rest it are a few lone guns playing, but at the moment we`re losing about a member a day.

In older days, I would be tended to leave the guild to look for more active places to hang out, but with my irregular schedule and `so much needless things to do` I`m staying loyal to the cause of Viridis Gathering.  In the future, there are namely a few things that can happen...

* Either the guild `re-activates` once Warlords of Draenei hits
* Or it disbands and I have to look for a fresh one
* Or in the extreme case, activity grows so low that I `inherit` it by default

Let`s just imagine that last thing WOULD happen though in no way I hope that does.  From past experiences, running a guild smoothly is `not my cup of tea` as it takes a lot of leveraging as well as structurising.  But in this extreme case, I would definitly overturn the concept of the guild, growing it into a mixture of Rhyme and Punishment and, for the old timer Moongladers, perhaps one of the most controversial Horde guilds of half a decade ago, the Court of the Sun (Blood Elves where ruling class, the rest was labelled `servant` or `slave`, and they RP`d arrogantly as hell).  In other words, a Blood Elf centered RP guild, but without the degrading of the other Horde races.

But that is probably and luckily never going to happen.

What I have decided to occupy myself with though during the coming months of limboness in the Guild, is to, even if it has to be solo and take a lot of time, try and achieve a heap of achievements for the guild, but with perks and benefits that fit myself.

The first of those I started on is the Critter Kill squad, where the guild needs to kill 50.000 critters in the game.  With the original guild focus set on assembling an end game raid team, this is one of those perks overseen.  Now I`ve started nuking the beasties where I can, and brought it down mostly myself in the past days while doing pet battles from 37k to go 35k.  I want that Armadillo ;-)

Other planned things in the long run are the Set the Oven to Cataclysmic, for the recipy, which still needs about 3500 dises prepared, and That`s a Lot of Bait for the Seafood Feast recipy, which needs over 8000 fish to be caught from pools.  Since I am `quite` proficient in the Cooking and Fishing proficiencies, this must be do-able.

Who knows what time will bring, but for now, I`m not worrying and keep on enjoying my perks of bonus reputation and reduced merchant costs...

Because like this NPC rightly noticed:

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