maandag 17 maart 2014

Saint Seiya CGI movie: Pisces Aphrodite

The latest of the characters to be revealed for the movie has been the Pisces Gold Saint, Aphrodite.

In the original series, he was one of the two Gold Saints not loyal to Athena and only serving as a gold saint out of personal motives, together with Deathmask.

Yet at the very end during the Hades arc it was revealed they where loyal after all, being sent to try and kill Hades the first before being finally defeated by Rhadamantys, and then ressurecting to help destroy the Wailing Wall.

A strong fighter using all kinds of different attacks utilising roses, Aphrodite was also a very beautiful man, bordering on the feminine look, who thought fighting as an art form, and the better you are the more beautiful and glorious.  He was also a very narcissic person, before finally being defeated by Shun who revealed his ultimate technique against him, the Nebula Stream going into Nebula Storm.

In The Lost Canvas, the Pisces saint was Albafica, a noble warrior and the first Gold Saint to fall in the fight to defend Sanctuary, taking down the Griffon Specter Judge with him.  Though based in looks on the original protagonists, all LC gold saints where loyal warriors, and Albafica wasn`t narcissic but reclusive as his blood was poisonous to all that came near, due to living amongst the poisonous roses.  He was also far less feminine then Aphrodite.

For the CGI movie, Aphrodite`s armour design is definitly one of the better looking, but I do think that either they made him TO female looking, or they are going to take the plunge and make the character an actual woman!

I just can`t wait for the movie to 1. be released and 2. being released on BluRay so I can put an order in!

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