woensdag 12 maart 2014

Lÿntaria in Wonderland

Okay, I don`t know what is going on, but my mount drop rate this week has been incredible!

Must be the new Transmog set I`ve put together, to look like a real Blood Elf, because the amount of errrm, mounts I grabbed up this week is already impressive, but most of all is the fact no less then 3 of the very rare drops fell.

Sunday evening my Scholozar egg cracked... and hatched into the Green Proto-Drake at last.

I was very happy for this, but on monday, it got even better, after all those gazillion runs, the Reins of the Raven Lord fell in Setthek, so bar a weekly visit to Karazhan and Tempest, I`m done now completely with the Burning Crusade expansion, as my workhorse paladin is also leaving it behind, his mining now on par for Wrath.

Tuesday nothing fell, but it got better today.  The daily `quickie run` through Pinnacle granted me... the Blue Proto-Drake!

I have a sneaky suspicion I really need to visit Sanctum, the Eye and dare I say it, Stratholme, this week, the jeebes seem to be heading in the right direction.

Here is my `lucky outfit` btw, the shoulders are the Mantle of Three Terrors, the robe the tailor BoP Robe of Power, the staff is the Rod of Blazing Light and the cloak the Phoenix-Wing Cloak. 

I will be `detailing` the set further in the future, like running LBRS for a Circlet of Flame, an old content epic I had ages ago (sadly, no longer for years) and I`m going to see if I can re-acquire it, then scour around for suitable belt, gloves and shoes to become a full fledged `looks like she ran from Silvermoon` character.

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