donderdag 6 maart 2014

To Tol Barad and the Argent Tournament

I knew they would came back to bit my mount collecting ass one day.  When the 100 mount Albino dragon was introduced, I was one of the first people on the server to possess it, as while others grinded for gear to beat the Lich King, I was, eerrm, strolling.

And then I hit that mark by only needing one of the 100 Champion Seal tokens, and stopped the grind.  Same with tol barad, I grinded those dailies during Cataclysm, then stopped visiting because I had enough mounts anyways and the achievement hadn`t "upgraded".

Now with Pandaria, it has an achievement and mount for both 150 and 200 mounts in your possession... and the hunt for them is back on.

However, these old day grinds are just that, long, days of grinding, by doing dailies for a few tokens, and you need a LOT of tokens for the beasties.

I currently have 37 Tol Barad commendations, and I need 365 for both mounts I can snatch up from there, a drake and a spectral wolf.  Every day, barring if Tank`s daily pops and the weekly pvp, you have 6 dailies for 1 token each, so that is still a LONG way to go, with 328 tokens to be gathered, or almost 60 days of doing dailies to go.  No possible way to speed it up, it is just like that.  I keep killing foxes though, that might yield perhaps the pet in the meantime, as I won`t be spending another 200 tokens on that one.

But it gets worse when I visit the high north and the Argent Tournament.  No less then 7 mounts are to be picked up from the tournament grounds, namely the Hippogryph, both Sunreaver mounts - for which I need to be Exalted as well, but doing instances there slowly bumps it up a bit as I keep trying daily to go for the Blue Protodrake.  I have 57 Champion Seals now... and I`ll be needing 850 in total to go for them.  At under a dozen tokens to be collected on a daily basis, I`m looking at a 3 month grind for picking them all up, but luckily I can
1. Try to complete Heroic achievements and get the red proto drake as a reward in the meantime and
2. Luckily Frostweave stacks are still sure sellers at the moment on the auction house, so at least I`ll make some money over the grind to, well, invest in further mounts over time.

But I`ll get them in the end, you just watch me!

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