woensdag 5 maart 2014

The Lego Movie - my impressions

Finally, the family (me, the girlfriend and the munchkin, aged 8) went tot see the Lego Movie at the locacl Kinepolis Antwerpen complex.

Now, I was adamant I wanted to see the english versio, not the flemish dubbed one, and as such it would be in 3D as they don`t play the regular english version in 2D overhere, and both my GF and the kid are glasses bearers so we hoped the little one could

1. Follow the translation texts and 
2. Could `suffer` the 3D experience as he has to take his regular glasses of for this.

I didn`t need to worry on both accounts though, and he had a blast!  I played `that cool song from the movie` for him when we got home, and he was still smiling ear to ear.  Makes a Plus Dad feel happy and fuzzy inside ;-)

... and today part two of the Lego days, as we`ll be taking the munchkin along to the Wijnegem Shopping Centre mall so he can spend his hard earned, sold of his Playmobil toys for Lego toys, cash to grab himself I estimate the Lord Business Lair for sure.

But back to the Movie.  I really liked it, and I can understand it`s high ratings in many movie site reviews better now - IF you have still that little connection to your `inner child`.  My GF didn`t like it for one, but she has never been to fond of the toys itself anymore.  She thought the movie overrated.  Okay, I accept that judgement honey, that`s true.  And munchkin, next time you ask your mom why she doesn`t like it, and I whisper in your ear "because she doesn`t have any fantasy anymore"... SHUT UP at the dinner table with her parents in law.  I still feel warm and fuzzy from the bruises she hit me ;-)  *DISCLAIMER: just kidding, don`t have to call the cops*

Cops... Bad Cop... Liam Neeson...  He was just GREAT.  The grovely voice of the irish top actor was so suited for the doom and gloom police officer.  Together with Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell, this was really a top of the line cast for a movie lover like me.

Talking Will Ferrell, he was the star, especially when `Frank the Tank` (remember that role of Will?  Still my all time greatest comedy movie ever) had the `message` to be gotten from his son.  A dad laughed in the movie theatre afterwards when I told the kid he should just build and forget the instructions... but not with my Lego ;-)

Emmett, WyldStyle and Batman had a nice chemistry going (I stay with my Oscar statement about him) but for me, THE top character was one of the supporting `Building Masters`... That `1980s something spaceguy` BENNY.

I loved him, I swam in nostalgia as he had screen time.  He was, in a way, one of my childhood heroes.  And the cracked helmet joke was just... real...

The movie is colourfull and feels good, without ever sinking in the pitfall of becomming a large comercial of 1h41 for a product, even made by that product.  The AFOL reference was tongue in cheeck (I felt a stare comming from the GF as I sank a bit deeper in my chair), and the way the Master Builders saw `their parts` was just greatly done.  Though I doubt whenever you get the BluRay you`ll be able to freeze frame it and get all the needed parts to build that cool bike.

It was a great night out, with a small kid happy because he loved a film about his favorite toy, a big kid happy because of the points I feared in the beginning (and because he loved a film about his favorite toy) and a girlfriend happy because she liked it we where happy.

This leaves me to say only one final thing

Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! Spaceship! SPACESHIP!!!!

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  1. I got my first Lego for Christmas when I was about eight. It came in a big wooden box which cost the enormous sum (for 1968) of £5.

    I was still building stuff with it years later.