vrijdag 21 maart 2014

MRN Thorgills

Over at Eurobricks, a new `community contest`, with the deadline placed on the 5th of may, has been launched.  In this, there has been an incident between Mitgardia and Kaliphlin about the yes or no of a ship sailing under the Kaliphs flag has been a pirate or a deception.

This storyline then evolved in both nations gathering their ships to fight it out on the high seas, and to have some ship MoC`s (it doesn`t have to be all for the Pirates forum now does it ;-) ) appear on the forum.  A participant has been allowed to build two ships for the contest, namely a civilian one and a military purposed one.  The big rule is: NO CANNONS.

Even though I never build anything before even remotely naval related, I gave it a shot with this military entry and a smaller ship, which focusses on looking sleek more then on looking like a battle brawler.

The Mitgardian Royal Navy vessel Thorgills, formerly known as the KFP (Kaliphlin Floating Plank) Desert Snake, is a small but swift blockade runner sloop.  Lightly armed, the vessel stands at a modest length of only 33 studs while carrying the shallow depth of 2 bricks, making her ideally suited for coastal operations and across the calmer inner seas and waterways, then to the rough going of the large oceans.
Armed with only two naval crossbows for close protection, she has a crew compliment of 4, namely captain Blackhelm Leifstone, first mate and workhorse Orgam Rorgil and the two sailors doubling as soldiers Haki and Hejka.

With the outbreak of the Great Naval Arms Race between the proud norsemen and the sons of the desert, the vessel has been put to service for scouting missions and deep water intrusions, accompanied by the valiant Mitgardian knight Hagen of Merak.

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