dinsdag 25 maart 2014

Gundam Reconguista in G

After the two previous, let`s put it mildly, not so great series for the franchise, Yoshiyuko Tomino (director of Turn A Gundam) returns for the 35th anniversary series.

The style does look indeed as the rather different previous series he directed, but where AGE was terrible and Build Fighters was, well, a cute trip down the mental fantasies of GunPla builders, it seems we`re going back to the core style of the series.

Of course, not much can be said for now, it will air later this year, and be feaured in the timeline DIRECTLY after Universal Century, basically rebuilding the franchise (not rebooting, as it builds upon instead of starting over) and I expect references to Turn A, where the UC is also shown in the flashbacks of the finale.

Here is the first trailer:

Talking trailers and Universal Century, the episode 7 OVA trailer for the Excellent and Beautiful Unicorn has also been popping over on the net... pity this is going to be the final movie of the series, I loved it


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