maandag 24 maart 2014

Hearthstone - the Hearthsteed has been obtained

Yesterday I finally installed the Hearthstone free cardgame, which is basically the follow up of the discontinued cardgame from WoW in digital version.

Now, I know that if you win three games against other players, you get a Feat of Strength and a Mount in World of Warcraft, and I did play a bit of the cardgame years ago (with a Blood Elf deck, go figure heheh).

Drawing on that knowledge, I went through the tutorial games, as I started out with Jaina and her Mage deck, and once I got through that I started tweaking my deck in a style I like to play Magic: `red aggro` or at least it`s poorly equivalent as you don`t have a big pool to chose from at the start, and I ain`t putting money into this game.

So up where all the direct damage spells, and all the Charge creatures which is the equivalent of Haste.  I quickly won my first match, against a player called Gaarghat and his Mage deck with a 23 vs -2 win.

Lost the next one but the third game yesterday was another bingo, TDWMerlin and his Shaman deck went down to the swift offensive I put up with a 22 / -1 score.  In the meantime, my gained points, gold and packs resulted ironically in cards for the only other deck I had unlocked before then, a Paladin deck in practice mode, and I decided to give that one a try for a swift game. 

Building it all irritating and time drawing on Taunt creatures (this was something I had to re-adapt to, creatures cannot block in WoW as in MtG, but with Taunt they MUST be attacked) and a lot of Heals, this deck is constructed to draw time until the Stormwind Champion comes on the board.  Or my Hero starts jumping around attacking all the while healing himself.  Funnily enough, he came up against Lovecoil and his Mages deck, build around it seemed Taunt and Fireballs, so he could get those two balls of flame through (which I healed up again) while my more numerous hight toughness low strength Taunt minions wethered his fewer minions down before grinding him out to a 25 / -6 score win.

It was a nice experiment, but a Paladin deck isn`t my style, but never the less within 2 hours of installation the Hearthsteed was delivered by mail to Lÿntaria, bringing the count up  to 157 mounts now.

The rest of the evening I played some ranked matches to unlock some cards by points for the Mage deck, it works let`s say 65% of the time... IF the opponent can`t get a good opening hand so I can start pressure right off from turn 1.

I think I`m going to check at my local watering hole if they still play the WoW cardgame in draft format there when I`m going to play PTQ Portland in Magic the 13th of April...

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