zondag 23 maart 2014

The Plan - Week 6

It has been a very quiet week for Warcraft.  Well, only for Warcraft actually, as I had a gazillion things to take care off, resulting in not getting much game time in, not even touching the game between tuesday and thursday.

Never the less, for some reason I did get my set goals completed.  I pushed the August Celestials to Exalted, resulting in getting both the Cloud Dragon Mount from them, as well as obtaining the Pandaren Ambassador meta achievement, that gave me a nice Red Kite mount.  And the very handy Royal Satchel pattern for very big bags...

And grabbed the first of the missing mounts from the Tournament, the Argent Warhorse.

The second goal, getting all three of my `core pets` to level 20 for when the Darkmoon Faire returns, was mostly achieved by my workhorse Paladin...

... though by spending money, I scored the 250 unique pets achievement as well and the reward, a Feral Virmling.

And it has been a lot of gold to be spend, as my Tuskarr kite pet from the CCG sold, netting me 100k, and with that money I first bought all the Living Steel and Ghost Iron Bars I`ll be needing to build a Sky Golem as well as the Pierre and RascalBot pets, now I just need to daily convert 10 bars in Jard`s Power Sources until I got all those needed, should take more then a month still though as you can only do 1 a day and need a total of 60 for all three to be build.

The second thing I bought was one of the Tiger mounts available, the Sunstone Panther.  I`m making sure that I keep over 25k before WoD hits to be able to get all needed upgrades by then, but for the rest I`m happily blowing the gold pieces through the hole, and I have been buying companion pets, mostly rarer drops of around 1000 - 2000 goldpieces by the bucket now.


The coming week I don`t really have big plans for Lÿn.  I`m going to keep pushing through instances and tillers planting to get Dominion closer to exalted (it`s only nearing Honored though, so that`ll take some time as well) as well as the Sunreavers, and buy out their two mounts when I get there.

Popping into the occassional LFR like I did this week when i had some time is definitly also an option, and for the rest it`ll be mostly Tol Barad token gathering.  I`m considering about abanoning the grind for the Argent Tournament, leaving that to the alt workhorse who is coming inot Northrend at the moment, ready to do more pet battles and levelling there...

The only thing I am going todo is install the Hearthstone and try to win those 3 battles for the Hearthsteed. relying on my knowledge of the original CCG, but realising those starterdecks are probably shaboogles...

Alts and Pets

Which brings us to the big goal pusher for this week, Pokemon Pet Battles.  Yes I admit, I find it a very fun distraction in the game, and am now facing the outland elite trainers so I need to push up more pets to the 20+ region, so the first thing to do is get an Undead one to level 10 for the No Favorites achievement, which should be taken care off today.  After that, my Paladin gets the trip to Northrend and not only start questing there, but fighting the companions over there and build up on the collection.
Now only if I can find how I unlock the Argent Tournament again, it has been years since I first went there, I can put both him and my level 90 boosted Priest to work to gather those Champion Seal`s for the mounts and pets still missing...
The only thing I should do though is obtaining seven battlestones for the pets to upgrade those poor three common quality pets I once captured in the early days to rare level, so I probably will be running trainer dailies and hope... or use Justice Points at the vendors that I should get from the daily instance running.

So in conclusion, I don`t have any great plans for this week, if the Karazhan weekly run should drop the Huntsman`s mount, that would be great but I`m not counting on that, even though I know can get at least two runs in on a weekly basis, the only goals for this week are:

* Obtain the mount through Hearthstone
* Get the Paladin levelled to level 75
* Make the whole pet collection at least uncommon in quality

See you next week to see how it turns out

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