dinsdag 18 maart 2014

Fresh Italian Saint Seiya cards aquired

Today I received a full booster box (36 packs) of the italian Saint Seiya trading cards, Il Cavalieri dello Zodiaco, in a further effort to complete my collection of 52 cards.

The set includes 25 characters both in a holographic and regular edition, so of course I`m trying to complete the `foil` versions as you would call them in Magic the Gathering, on top of 12 `chase` cards (a term more typical to regular trading cards then to CCGs, and this set belongs to the first category), who would equal something along the lines of a Mythic or Epic card in the more well known collectible card games.

After snatching open the booster box, I was a happy camper.  On average you should get 3 of the gold Saint chase cards, my box numbered 5 of which only 1 is a double. 

I also managed to get almost every card of the characters now in Foil edition, only card number 7 / 52, Whale Moses, is still the regular version in my collection binders.

And I have a nice amount of Foils now for future trades in the hopes of completing the series.  I`m going to be spending the next days inventorising all my doubles for both this series as for the english Knights of the Zodiac cards, so that`ll mean no time for World of Warcraft, but so be it, priorities are still priorities!

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