dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Not inspirational, rather downright AWESOME Lego

Two particular LEGO finds on the net I`d love to share with you today, both being pure awesomeness in both size, bricknumbers and franchises I like!

The first was pointed out to me by a Facebook buddy that also has a great 20mm ww2 Wargaming blog, Gunbird, (click his name in my followers, go read his blog!), a Pacific Rim LEGO build of Cherno Alpha!

God, this is pure sheer awesomeness, if I would get my hands on instructions for that beast, I`d be bricklinking for all the needed bricks in an instant.

The second reminded me of my largest Crisis build I ever did, the Battle of Helms Deep in 28mm waaaay back in 2003 (sorry Nemesis for the not so flattery picture, all I could find).  All those Rohirrim where my models, must be about 150 of them + the Riders + a part of the Uruk Hai.  My friend Jo build and painted the Deep and provided most Uruk Hai.

Now I found pictures of the Battle of Helm`s Deep... in Lego, numbering over 150.000 bricks!!!

And pssssst, the newest big beast comming from the Lego stalls... Sandcrawler!  Get those Jawa`s out, I`m sure I can use some of the figs, but I guess I`ll be ordering them seperately!

Now back to the building and designing table, as the Historica project has announced a new challenge, a naval one, so expect some more info and my entry in a few days.


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