zaterdag 29 maart 2014

The Plan - Week 7

Twilight Highlands.  It seems this Cataclysm area is the new homeland for the moment of Lÿntaria, because since my Guild post of a few days ago, this is where I`ve been residing the most, fishing and cooking while slaying innocent critters.  But it did get the Dragonmaw to Exalted, my 54th faction I obtained that with...

Not only that, but it is an achievement that is going to take a LONG time, so bar the Tillers to bump my cooking and the daily cooldown crafting for Tailoring and Engineering, I haven`t been doing that much the past week.

Now, the engineering did pay off, as even though I got that Hearthsteed mount I reported on past monday, today I`ve build my Sky Golem mount.  The beast is fun, especially as it flies looking like Superman wiggling all left and right while airborne, so many people have it (it isn`t BoP) that I`m sticking with my green Kite for now.

The second mount I just got was the Spectral Wolf from Tol Barad, leaving me with a single token left, and 199 to go.  I think I`ll be relocating there the coming weeks to fish up Fathom Eels for the Pool achievement as well as the Cataclysmic oven achievement, popping in the pvp for the occasional extra bonus of 3 tokens.

But that is not all important, the Darkmoon Faire returns tonight, and now my Battle Pets that I need (Elemental with the Phoenix Hatchling, Dragonkin with the Spirit of Competition and Mechanical with the Varmin Nut 5000) are all set to go to toss in some extra daily tokens and maybe loot the Darkmoon Eye pet from the rewards bag.

Which brings us to the goals of last week of obataining enough Battlestones to upgrade all my commons. In the end, I ran to few instances to use Justice Points for all of them, though i did manage to upgrade 4 out of the 7 needed, while maintaining a Flawless Stone for the case I ever come across an Unborn Valkyrie or so.  I`ll sort it out one of these days, to get those missing two Beasts and a single Aquatic stone.  But the Paladin did get to 75 in the meantime...

I obtained the cool Mr Bigglesworth cat from completing raiding with leashes, and just two more to go for the Leashes 2 achievement, being the Abyssal from Karazhan`s Prince, and the Tideskipper from Serpentshrine.

Alts and Pets

Talking Pet battles, I tamed the entire Continent while levelling pets up to level 25, and hopefully by next week I`ll have at least one of each family remaining, being Beast, Critter, Magic and Undead, on the maximum level, which is the first goal I`m setting.


If I do my dailies dutifully, I should be able to obtain my first of the two Darkmoon mounts, so for the second goal this week, it is this.  Another not to farflung goal IF I keep focus!


Okay, so I shopped A LOT with the Tuskarr gold, remaining with enough gold to buy the two remaining reputation mounts, one each from Dominion Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught when I hit them on Exalted.  With Warlords still on the far horizon, these factions for now are on the backburner,  slowly grinding my way through other things first.  So as long as I have more then 10.5k in gold, I`m alright and on schedule.  I will be selling stacks of looted cloth, but have quit playing on the AH for now trying to make some serious gold, as I don`t have real needs for it anymore.  All the cooking is almost maxed out, my farm can keep up growing in my current needs, and the occasional Cataclysm cooking stuff that comes along isn`t expensive.


The third goal, and the hard grind for the coming week.  By next week, I want to have the Critter Kill Squad on 16000, the oven on 1750 and the pool fishing 1800.  Do-able perhaps, but I fear it will be solo work though.

The Goals

So that is a lot of work to do without it being actually a lot of work (yeah yeah, sounds complicated), but that gives me these targets all focussed on and by my main:

* All pet families on level 25
* Obtain Darkmoon Dancing Bear
* Achieve the 3 guild intermediate goals

No idea if I`ll get there, but we will be trying for sure!  See you all next week for the next planned ramblings...

UPDATE: okay, I`m an idiot, the Faire starts NEXT week...

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