zaterdag 15 maart 2014

The Plan - Week 5

Yes, I know it is only saturday night.  Yes, I know I already did a large post today on the amount of mounts I gathered and the achievement I scored.

But tomorrow, I have to get up at 6 local time as Formula One revvs up their engines again, in the afternoon I`m going to a play with my beloved household, and in the evening I`m going to eat out with the parents in law.  And tonight, I`m going to catch up on some anime, so I won`t be playing a lot anyways anymore this weekend, just my daily 30 minute tour of Tol Barad and the Argent Tournament (the latter should be yielding a mount tomorrow).

So what about last weeks set goals?  Both have been achieved, namely scoring the Sunreavers to Exalted, turning into 50 Exalted reputations, as well as getting a battle pet to level 20, in my case the Spirit of Competition.


The first big break through this week came yesterday, as I broke the ilvl of 496 and now fully cueable for all LFR`s bar the parts I need to unlock through progression, something I`ll be tossing more time into the comming weeks as I`ll be doing less and less faction related grinds as more and more hit Exalted.  In the end, it was a Timeless Isle cloth glove token, combined with a Burden of Eternity, that bumped my ilvl to a nice 500 rounded out.
I hope to resolve the Pandaren Ambassador achievement this week, and grab the red Kite mount that comes with it, as I hit Exalted for the August Celestials, which will also unlock a further mount, but more importantly, the 28 slot Bag pattern, and I already have a LOT of cloth ready to start sewing.

Another great event this week has been the connection between Moonglade, whom had a low Horde ratio, with the Horde heavy Sha`Tar realm.  Market has been shuffled around as prices are re-establishing themselves with all the new people, but there seem to have arrived some wealthy persons, and Landro`s Little XT netted a nice 25k to my purse.

Warlords has been announced as well this week, and I took the deluxe pre-order edition so when it hits (expected Late Fall) I can jump right in without having to take a day off and shuffle at the local gamestore for a midnight release.  This gave me the LE pet and mount, as well as a character boost to 90.  In the end I decided to use it on my low level Priest and Holy spec her, now to start healing for gear in instances...

Alting and Petting

Well, apart from the Priest, I have also restarted levelling the good old workhorse Paladin through instances.  The idea was to get him up there to be hit by Eck for the achievement of Glory of the Hero, as the poor reptile just couldn`t seem to hit Lÿn... of course the morning after she finally got puked on and completed that particular part of the achievement.

Never the less, is does feel good to be tanking again, even though in the current Heirloom powered environment, I sometimes wonder what I`m doing there as everyone storms through instances nowadays.
Nevertheless, he and the boosted priestess are going to go to Northrend and try to unlock the Argent Tournament as fast as possible, in order to speed up the token aquiring for all those mounts still there, and perhaps even push through for the pets.  The benefit now of a shared `pool` between all characters, I like.
On the pet battle part, I narrowed my three candidates to hit 25 first, and as such it will be the Spirit of Competition, the Phoenix Hatchling and the Rabit Nut Vermint 5000 that will get the most intense battling now, as they belong to the classes suited to take on the Darkmoon trainer.

Goals for the week

This week I`m going for the `greater good` mostly.  I am going to push for the August Celestials / Pandaren Ambassador combination in the first place, but the secondary goal is getting the other two pets of my `battle team` up to level 20 first.

In the remaining time, it will be either cueing for LFR if I have some game hours spare, or otherwise the working to unlock the Tournament for the Priest.
Well, of to connect the headset and watch some flashy japanese colours, cheerios all and until the next instalment!

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