donderdag 20 maart 2014

The Dream Job...

My parents, my girlfriend, ex-collegues, relatives, class mates and teachers, friends... once in a while that inevitable subject comes above in discussions, and that is the ultimate "What If... You could do any Job in the World" or the simpler "What job would you like to do".

I usually have pretty standard answers, like something with jobsecurity, or a stable hour schedule, computers, retailing with toys... those kidn of things.  But the fact of the matter is, the question hurts my inner geek, because in a perfect world, I would have loved to do something with Trade cards.

Not the variety of CCGs with tournaments and such like the local watering outpost, but one of those typical trade, buy and sell stores specialising in just that, small cardboard pieces of geekiness that tell the tale of sports heroes, entertainment, etc...

But unfortunatly, I was born in the wrong part of the world.  I should have been living in either the United States or in Japan, as those are the walhalla`s of cardgames.  Sports on the one side, anime on the other, and everything in between.  How bloody cool would it be to run a store like this, surrounded by all kinds of cool products.  Yes, I admit, my friends have compared me with this guy, and I didn`t even think of it as an insult.

Never the less, a man can dream, and who knows that one day it might be possible to open a very own trading card cave, like when the tectonic plates start moving around again and Europe (re)collides into America or such.

Or if those Euromillions balls fal in the right sequence and I just need to do something to occupy my time with...

But for now, I guess it will be more of a hobby related issue of trying to complete my own card collections (plural, it isn`t only Saint Seiya mind you, though mostly the binders are filled with them), and look for ways on the internet to exchange doubles for missings.

To that end, I am working on a project I`ll be showing off in the not so distant future, it just needs a bit (much) of fine tuning still, and have small ideabulbs in my head that might perhaps one day sprout in a real `trade card minicon`.  Ideas still stowed away far in the back of my brain, somewhere between `possible reality in a few years` and `keep on dreaming` regions, but a man must have dreams to keep going in life.

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