zaterdag 21 maart 2015

A big haul of Transformers

I hinted at it last week, and now I finally found the gap to photograph all the contents of a pretty nifty find I had last week.

A big box with 13 of the more recent Transformer models, all in all costing me less then 60 euro and which I hope to be able to trade for a nice set of MASK I have my eye on, priced around 75 euro.

The big attractions in this lot are the Star Wars crossover models, of which I only showed the Obi-Wan earlier this week, but also this fella, a TIE pilot transforming into a TIE Bomber.

Another bigger bot in the set is this movie Jazz.  Now, I always have had a weakness for him, and he will not be traded around but be placed in the cabinet over at my GF`s.  I just like to keep the odd bit and piece over there, to show my evil influence...

The main sort of bots in the box are these smaller ones, that tended to retail around 10 euro over here a piece, and I have payed about 3 if I do the math each.  Most are from the Revenge of the Fallen Line, and should be suitable for an occassional hit or miss trade addition to pull someone over the line.

The first is Tankor, who changes conveniently into a tank.  I personally think former Rhinox looks okay in this scale.

Secondly, we have Sideways, who except for his hands is a nifty model in my taste.

The same can be said for Sideswipe, lovely little model as well.  Now generally, I find the smaller scale ones that transform into a car generally better executed.  Why... hold on...

Because here is Starscream and his jet mode.  Which is basically trying to put everything underneath him and just look at him from above to have it vaguely resemble an airplane.

Grindor is better for that purpose as he can stow away limbs inside the body work, but still... meeh

But it still beats Ravage.  What the heck does he transform into, an metallic piranha duckalien???

Ratchet on the other hand is okay again,

Finally, Springer is a bit odd in robot mode with all his rotor blades, but heck, I had worse in this series.

The next big thing in the box was this Power Ranger bot... I mean Power Core Combiner, Mudslinger.  The central part transforms from truck to robot to body for a gestalt, but the other 4 are just `drones`, vehicles that change into limbs but don`t have a robot mode.

And finally, we end with a normal transformer more or less, Strongarm.

All in all, not to shabby a deal and like I noted at the start, I *hope* to have it suffice for getting myself a MASK vehicle to the collection...

I`ll keep you posted!

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