donderdag 19 maart 2015

Building a Rehearsal Stage

Now, this is one of those sets I bought of Amazon a few months ago, when they where at -55% discount.  And I bought about half a dozen or so of them due to that reason.

Now, I`m not `into` Friends, but they do pack some nice elements and are a great source for pastel colours... and set 41004, Rehearsal Stage is no difference.

Opening the box, we get a base plate, two bags of parts, the instruction booklet and a sticker sheet.  Since this set is being build and then sorted into the boxes of bricks, I ain`t going to be using the stickers at all.

Included as a mini doll is ballerina Stephanie with... an electric guitar.  This is because the set features a turntable playfeature, changing it from a ballet room to a rock podium, and Stephanie is usable in both that way.

The first thing we are going to build is a make up table.  Based on small plate, the main feature of this build is the sticker mirror, but as said, I won`t be using these so the wall remains white.

It comes with a heap of small accessories like a brush, bottle, perfume etc...

The main build then, started by the front outline of the baseplate.

The foundations are laid down, and you can see where the turning wall will be placed as the rotating table is already put down.

The pillars to the back are added, doubling as curtains for the ballerina room.

Next up are the boxes for the rock music.

The overhang is then build, spanning the two pillars together.  See what a lovely source of purples this set is!

That overhang`s main purpose is to hold the rail that has the lighting for the stage.

Next up, we are going to build the actual rotating podium.  Using a variety of pastels, the front side is a mirror (sorry, sticker) with a holding rail to practice the classic ballet moves.

While the other side holds disco stars, a micro stand and a synthesizer.

This is then added on the turntable, and you have both options available for the play feature.

The completed set:

As with others, a selection of extras is once more included in the build, mostly small round studs and studless rounds, both always handy for in your boxes.

It wasn`t a challenging build, nor is it an awesome display piece, but at 7 euros and bit each, this has been a welcome tribute heap of sets to a certain build I`m slowly planning... and which will feature a lot of Friends coloured bricks...

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