vrijdag 13 maart 2015

Soooo Superion huh...

Okay, this I ALSO blame on Vincent.  Like the Micromasters.  It is all his fault.

He got me to look in toy stores back to the Transformers racks...

Now, Superion back in the days was the only combiner I actually possessed, and I always thought he was one of the better looking `gestalts` in their range.

Consisting of the Aerialbots, a group of 5 Autobots who all transformed into jet fighters, the new incarnation has a slight variation in that Alpha Bravo, a chopper, is a new addition to the team, replacing Slingshot as the left arm of the mighty robot.

Another `new` member is Powerglide, who forms the combined robot`s weapon.

Now, the new version, from the currently running Combiner Wars range, is not only far better articulated and poseable, he also stands over twice as large.

So yeah, I might be hopping into a toy store one of the months to slowly and steadily start collecting this `little` robot to stand on my shelves, looking all high and mighty.

But first, let`s see about that Masterpiece Grimlock...

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