zondag 29 maart 2015

F1 2015 GP of Malaysia


And all the rest is, as they say, history.

The squadra is back on the highest placing, so put a german in the car and the results follow.  The Ferrari team did show good pace in the pre-season tests, they where best of the rest in the opener though at more then 30 seconds...

And then Mercedes showed it`s first crack this weekend.  Some attributed it to the rain, but Vettel had qualified in between Hamilton, on pole, and Rosberg on 3rd.  While his team mate Raikonnen was stuck in 11th.

But then it was race day, and Vettel not only managed to keep his second place during the start, he kept the pace of Hamilton.

When Ericsson slid his car off track in round 5, the safety car was deployed and Ferrari opted, on the contrary to Mercedes, not to pit, putting Vettel in the lead.

Something he only lost again after pitting... but then the red car was actually a lot faster then the silver arrows, first overtaking Rosberg and then going by Hamilton again, and he would drive on straight to the lead.

And Raikonnen?  He got a puncture just past the pit entrance in lap 2 so he needed to limp all the way back to the pits, got a fresh tyre set... and steamed on to 4th.  Ferrari really have done their homework it seems, taking the place of Williams from last year as the number one challenger for Mercedes.

Further down, Verstappen finished 7th, and as such became (and due to the new rules, forever will be) the youngest point scorer in Formula 1, coming in in front of his team mate Sainz after a duel of both `sons off` with their mother team... which they beat fair and square.  Points where Lotus by not their doing is falling by so far this season, as Crashdonado had to retire again, and points where McLaren, even with the returned Alonso, can only dream for by far.  Or hope for a good Monaco GP like Marussia last year...

And in the back, on spot 15, the one Manor that got to the grid, steamed in, only 3 laps down for Merhi...

The result:

1. Vettel - Ferrari
2. Hamilton - Mercedes
3. Rosberg - Mercedes

4. Raikonnen - Ferrari
5. Bottas - Williams Mercedes
6. Massa - Williams Mercedes
7. Verstappen - Toro Rosso Renault
8. Sainz - Toro Rosso Renault
9. Kvyat - Red Bull Renault
10. Ricciardo - Red Bull Renault

11. Grosjean - Lotus Mercedes
12. Nasr - Sauber Ferrari
13. Perez - Force India Mercedes
14. Hulkenberg - Force India Mercedes
15. Merhi - Manor Ferrari

Driver of the Race

I`m in a doubt here, because on the one hand there is Vettel bringing victory back to Ferrari, but on the other you have Raikonnen who started 11th, dropped to 18th with the puncture at over half a lap, and returned to come in 4th... so without that, it could even had been a 1-2...

So I`m not making a choice here, and elect them both, as well as thus getting the Team of the Race in one go... with this cool future concept of an F1 car they proposed...

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