donderdag 12 maart 2015

The lights are Green!

Tomorrow it is that time again, as three months of season break seem to have ended already and flown by at a higher pace then your average Caterham

Formula One is go again, kicking off in Melbourne with the Australian season opener.

We had some unexpected last week turns and twists, with Manor Marussia making the grid after all in a phoenix like move, and fielding Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi in the interim 2014 cars.  Expectations are low for the team, but sympathy will be high.

Something which won`t be said about Force India, who tried to block this move to have their price money from Bianchi`s points finish last year redivided, considering they are in rough waters themselves.  They only presented their car at the last free training days, and they might be lucky it is powered by the Mercedes, though in all honesty if did show good reliability.

Another team with problems is Sauber.  So they hire two high sponsored drives, then the court rules Van Der Garde had a valid contract and might force them to put him in the car instead.  A true soap opera in the making, and one that might cost a serious dime!

But how big the gap remains between Mercedes and the rest?  Will Ferrari be a red arrow again?  And is there a midfielder team that will be making the upwards push, or McLaren that can solve the Honda issues they have at the moment?

The answers will begin coming in in less then 24 hours!

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