maandag 2 maart 2015

Inspirational Lego 9: the snowy lands of Mitgardia

Every once in a while, I dedicate this column on the blog to the Guilds of Historica.

And for today, I opted to go for my `own` guild, the proud northerners of Mitgardia, a viking like society and the timing... well... we know what 3rd season started recently.

Now, I like it a lot to build in the rural style, like my Searching for Truffles MOC showed, but take a look at some of the other great builds that appeared in the North the past few weeks...

This build, called Midsummer in the Clanlands by Kabel (whom I met at BMA last year) shows the typical icelandic turfed houses.

Or how about this lovely piece of Forced Perspective by Slegengr

But sometimes, humour is also the central focus of a lot of Lego builds.

Gunman recently produced some excellent builds once more, fitting into the Age of Mitgardia builds.

As did MKjoshA with his phase 3 tower.

Story telling is also a great way for builders, and something I should be dabbling in one of the days.  There was for example this Tale of the Walrus by Garmadon

While Mccoyed brought the entertaining Yeti Saga...

Of course, these aren`t by far the only builds that have shown up recently on the forum, but for that, hop over to Eurobricks, sneak into the GoH part and drool over all the fantasy build eye candy!

On a total different matter, BUT actually inspired by most of these builds and having mastered at last 3CS `basic style`, I made my own logo now as well to include in future builds... always adds a bit of panache does it not ;-)

Yeah, it`s my tattoo...

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