zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Building the Creator Plane polybag

Okay, so all good intentions to have posts up on a regular basis have epically failed.  Real life is a b***h and that means time schedules are at times just not feasible, let alone the motivation at times.

So I`m dumping it in favor of just posting things up as they come or as I feel like them for the next few weeks, medical obligations forcing my hand on this.

The build here is a short one, but it isn`t to bad a promo bag.  The Plane, set 30189, contains some very useful elements and it has a few of the rarer very dark blue ones in it.  Considering the minimal amount you can find these for on BrickLink, it`s something you don`t get a bad feel over if you picked them up, if only for parts.

It`s based on a long plate, and gets a red `superstructure` build on that by using a few bricks.

The lateral base for the wings is then added, and we work on sorting out it`s top side using some handy white pieces like the triangle rasters

Dark blue wings, always a handy element to have, elongate the wingspan

While using arches the top is finished, and the fins for the tailend get attached.

The final part of the build is the twin engines that can rotate to show its VTOL capabilities.

Like with any set, you get some extra pieces to go with it, bith round studs and the transparent cheeseslope being the most intresting ones for myself.

It`s small, it`s not especially spectacular, and it is already sorted out again into the bits boxes, but as you could see, it has a nice selection and usually goes around 1 or 2 euros overhere if you look around a bit.

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