zondag 1 maart 2015

A Gorgeous MASK Buzzard

I told you earlier to keep watching this page, well, here is why...

Past night, I got talking with a seller over eBay who was offering the MASK Buzzard, and just now, i got back from jumping on the bus this evening, travelling to the other side of Antwerp city and collect the little gem.

Why a gem?  Because not only is this set complete, it has minimal stickerwear, the helmets and action figures are in great shape, and everything is in perfect working order.

And the price?  Irrelevant, because I`m not parting with this one at all, but let`s say it was cheap.  Cheap as in this was a transaction between collectors, not the more regular ones out there of junker vs scalper and such.

I learned this person got the car from his parents, but he is a GI Joe collector, so it has just been sitting there.  Now, it happens I got that large lot this morning which contains a LOT of GI Joe, so I`ve promised him first pickings before taking them out there.

But now, I`m going to benefit from the fact the GF and the Smurf aren`t home yet, and do a few racing laps around the dinner table ;-)

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