maandag 9 maart 2015

Inspirational Lego 10

Even though the Lego MELO is in full finals, I`m waiting to post the semi-finals as well as to when the contest ends, it would seem pretty silly doing such a short post.  Instead I`ll be aiming to present a full report of the top once all builds have been shown.

So that leaves me with a lot of totally different builds from all over the internet for this weeks column.

As you might have heard, Lego is bringing out a Doctor Who set this year thanks to the Lego Ideas program, but somehow I doubt it`ll look like this 9th Doctor in his TARDIS control room.

Talking famous pop culture, Mr Spock passed away last week, probably one of the most iconic characters ever created.  Now, the Star Trek franchise is with the competition at Kre-O, but that won`t stop the MoCcers out there as we see this Galileo II scene from the original series.

Another pop culture icon, but then from the other side of the globe, is Kirby, the cute little ball of pinkness that graced our old Nintendo screens.

Japan is also the country of the Oni, mythical demons that are bound to devour our mortal souls...

And of Pokemon, from which I`m happy to share this excellent made Rapidash I saw on the net.

Of course, over here in Europe, we have that sort of pop culture things as well, as Shawn the Sheep will be hitting theatre`s later on this year.

So that is it for this week`s round, focussing a little on pop-culure.  Next week, we will normally be revisiting Middle Earth again, but for now, brick on!

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