dinsdag 17 maart 2015

I went for the first time to a real auction house

Recently, a true auction house with calling hall has openened in my hometown of Merksem.  Now, I never actually been to one of those before, so this afternoon I went there out of curiosity with my mother.

It looked like having decent material, and after scanning the crowd, I think I can become the `toy king` of that hall if I play it smoothly.

And I already brought back a heap of Lego and toys from there, spending 16 euros (+ 3.20 calling fee) for these 5 boxed sets.

But it was an even better day for hauls, as the visit to the local recycling shop yielded these two bags of Lego, at 4.50 each.  One is a classic space set, the other two old city ones.

And I also found 5 MASK figures there, which will go in the reserves box for when needed.

But the top of the find there was this near complete Dino Riders set, lacking only a gun and the small ladder, for 5 euro.  I will EASILY be able to flip this around for 20...

To end the day, I picked up this box from my courier.  No less then 13 Transformers are waiting inside it, but I`ll be unveiling the box HOPEFULLY tomorrow, when I`m going to try out something entirely different for it...

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