woensdag 18 maart 2015

The Starmax Bet: Update 2

Nearly a fortnight after the first update on this project, some things have been shifting for the better.  Now, I realise more and more every day that this is going to be one tough cookie to crack, but we keep our chin up and haggle around.

I am so going to pull this off... I hope.

The good thing is, I traded the Thunderbirds puzzle away.  While I did get it for 3.00 euro, I managed to get it going out again for 5.66, netting me 2.66 euro profit for the, well, errrrm, about 300 euro I`ll be needing for the Stamax.

Not the speediest of advances then... and I still have the Lion King game, which I`d hoped would have flipped around by now.

So time to re-invest some of the small change then, and I shelved out 3.50 in total for the following two sets at the local recycling store.

The first is still sealed inside Kre-O Transformers Bumblebee.  Putting me back only 1.50, this can turn out to yield a small profit again and raking up the pot.

The second one is more intresting on the quick flip goal: A Lego Ferrari licensed polybag of the Scuderia Truck.  Lego is almost always a quick trade around, so this little 30191 should be gone swiftly considering it is franchise and out of production.  I paid 2 for it, but I guess I can easily double my value on it.

So this leaves me at the moment with the following:

1 Lion King Game
1 Kre-o Bumblebee kit
1 Lego 30191 polybag set
3.41 euro of remaining budget

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